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Why Start Therapy Now?

If you have been struggling with life and yet unable to pick up the phone to call for help, you may be fearful of the unknown. I offer a warm and non-judgmental environment in which we both commit to trust and to helping you resolve your issues.

There are many reasons why people seek therapy. Examples include:
* Feeling immobilized by depression, anxiety, fear and/or anger
* Facing a major life transition such as divorce or death of a family member
* Struggling with a relationship and/or painful relationship patterns
* Inability to resolve an immediate, short-term problem
* Wanting to improve your ability to cope with stress
* Interest in practicing mindfulness 
* Learning to be more present in relationships
* Sexuality issues
* Problems with parenting, including behavior and school-related problems
* Unresolved issues with your family of origin
* Interest in improving your self-awareness and growth potential
* The need for on-going support for working through a variety of life issues
* The desire to improve your communication skills, particularly your ability to express feelings.
* Address shyness


Phone: 408-920-2990

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