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    Sandplay is a non-verbal form of therapy in which the individual constructs a scene out of figures and other objects placed in a box of sand. This method of hands-on psychological work was originated by Dora Kalff, a Swiss child therapist who was a colleague and personal friend of world-renowned psychologist Carl G. Jung. I believe that sandplay is an effective way of unlocking the wisdom that lies within the unconscious.  

I traveled to Switzerland in 1995 to study this therapeutic approach with Martin Kalff, the son of Dora Kalff.  I became a teaching member of the Sandplay Therapists of America in 2002 and have taught this form of therapy to other therapists for over 10 years. I also provide consultation for therapists on integrating sandplay in psychotherapy.

San Francisco Bay Area Courses on sandplay are offered through JFK University and the Northern California Regional Sandplay Society (NCRSS). Visit the website at www.norcalsandplay.org.

For further information about sandplay, please visit www.sandplay.org.

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