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Child Therapy

Child therapy is one of my specializations and I consider it a privilege to be given this responsibility. I see your child as a unique individual with his or her own special abilities and talents. Sometimes, however, when problems arise, the child’s abilities and talents become obscured. This and other life challenges may lead to depression, anxiety and/or behavior problems in the child.

I work with children who are struggling with a variety of problems. These include behavior problems, anxiety or fears, mood issues, problems in school, distractibility, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, difficulties with stress and challenges related to divorce.

My goal in child therapy is to create an environment of trust in which I can help you and your child feel supported in the challenges that you face. Child therapy requires a team approach in which I work collaboratively with parents, teachers, medical doctors and other professionals where appropriate. This approach will help your child feel supported.

My approach in working with a child involves weekly or twice weekly sessions with the child and monthly sessions with the parent(s) alone. I use child-centered play therapy as well as cognitive-behavioral interventions.  My aim in the parent meetings is to help you feel supported and encouraged as we keep each other informed and work on positive discipline strategies and improved communication skills.


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