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Adolescent Therapy

The adolescent years can be some of the most challenging years for both the teen and the parents. This is because teenagers are changing both physically and emotionally as they navigate the journey to adulthood.  These years often present confusing and troublesome issues for the entire family and this can lead to feelings of isolation and/or depression in the teen.

My primary goal in working with teens is to establish trust so that open communication can occur. Privacy is very important to most teens. I tell the teens that I am more likely to tell them what their parents are concerned about than I am to tell the parents what the teen relates to me. An exception to this is if I consider the teen to be in serious danger or at risk of hurting self or others. Teens need a safe place to feel seen and heard as they explore their issues.

Whether or not I meet with the parents of a teen depends on the client’s age and/or whether the teen feels comfortable with my doing so.

I enjoy meeting the challenge of working with teens who are struggling socially and feel that they don’t fit in as well as with those who are having academic difficulties at school.



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